A Family Affair

A Family Affair

C. A. van Heerden…

… was born and raised in Namibia.  “Callie” spent his early childhood on the Farm and in the Bush, where he developed his great passion for the outdoors. Life progressed to a career in carpentry. After starting a family with his Wife Silke, they choose to raise their family in the countryside experiencing the quality of life in the wild. He qualified as a Plains Game Hunting Guide in 2012 and began his hunting career and received his Professional Hunter certification in early 2018.  In a nutshell, with a great passion for nature and the outdoors Callie believes that through sustainable utilization of our Natural resources we can conserve our heritage and that we must protect our land for future generations. Together with ethical hunting practices Callie strives to impart a unique African experience – not only a result. “We as hunters not only have the privilege but, most importantly, the responsibility to act with integrity and accountability towards the resources which we have”.

Deborah Gordon…

…leads the sales and marketing team in the USA.  As a native of 

Namibia, Deborah brings true passion for the land, the life and the people of Africa to her adopted American home. Bloodborne knowledge, energy and dedication to each individual client creates a varied, open and enjoyable planning and coordination experience. Deborah takes client relationships seriously and continually strives to make the planning phase of the trip, the first awesome experience of a memorable safari.

As well, Deborah is known as ‘The Toasted Hostess’… As the Toasted Hostess, Deborah has traveled to multiple wine regions exploring wine and food and the lives of those who bring life to wine. It’s a tough job, but somebody has got to do it!  Deborah’s understanding of, and passion for, wine opens the cellar door for an exceptional wine safari experience.

Rudolf van Heerden…

…being raised on the farm and in the bush is cause for the deep-rooted passions of country and family you find in Rudolph.  Once striking out on his own, Rudolph studied, mastered and embraced engineering for the mining industry.  As his children have grown and flourished, Rudolph and wife Maggie have found themselves returning to life on the farm. Rudolf’s knowledge and skills as an outdoorsman are exemplified by his inclusion on the National Rifle Team, his award-winning fishing exploits and pursuit of certification from the Namibian Professional Hunters Association. You can find him in waders or camouflage on those days when he is able to answer the call of the wild.   

Silke van Heerden…

…Callie’s wife, lends great expertise to C Africa Safaris in her role as Safari Coordinator.  Rest assured that each detail of your visit has been meticulously arranged to afford you the best possible experience while on the continent.  There are many moving parts to a successful safari and Silke prides herself in communicating thoroughly with all members of the team, staff, venders and clients.


Video Crew

Videographer – Jeffry Gordon                                                                                                                                             Editor – Deborah Gordon

Jeffry and Deborah Gordon, who reside in Nashville, welcome every opportunity to visit with family and friends in Namibia.  The pair are media industry veterans with lengthy resumes in the production of film, television, commercial, music and industrial content.  Your safari, with Namibia as backdrop and canvas, will be documented and assembled in a fashion that will bring a smile to your heart and that of your family and friends for years to come.   Package prices vary per expectation.